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Here are some sites and references that we have found useful in searching for internet and high-tech jobs, and some comments about them. Most are national with some specific Boston area listings.

Don't forget your public library for internet access, and reference materials. And the state sponsored Career Centers

Note: All of these references - and more - are listed on the MondayNetwork online forum on Yahoo Groups. These are a few references to get you started, if you find us online.

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First a few obvious sites:

  • *** Monster Board - - Seems to have some entries that are not listed anywhere else, does not have many contract entries, does have more non-profit entries than most online sources. Automated search delivered by email. Registration.

  • ** Careerbuilder - - This site amalgamates information from many other services. Automated keyword search delivered by email. A high percentage of the opportunities are already filled, or frozen, or posted by recruiters in an effort to attract resumes for non-existent jobs. The best use of the site seems to be the automated keyword search, scan the top entries for new items.

  • *** Bostonworks (Boston Globe) - -
    Useful to keyword search the want ads from the Boston Sunday Globe. I haven't gotten much response from applying to these ads because the companies get deluged with resumes. I did get a good lead from a poorly worded ad. My guess is they got fewer responses. I was able to network to find out what their requirements ought to be... Best feature is to check for upcoming events, career fairs and networking opportunities. Note that they do not always list career fairs that don't advertise with the Globe so it's worth keeping your eyes on local NETWORKING events.

  • **** - - These folks run periodic tradeshows at the Doubletree in Waltham. They are well attended, and there a lots of companies represented. Tend to have a lot of real jobs.

  • ** - - Also run tradeshows. Their job fair in Framingham was a bloodbath, too few companies, too many applicants, very depressing. In my area (High Tech IT management) I haven't found their site very useful.

  • *** Brass Ring - - Based in the valley. They are somewhat new to the area, but their job fairs are starting to grow. Again they tend to attract long lines of job seekers so you need to psych yourself up like a star athlete before you go in. Two tricks I have found are to go 15-20 minutes before the show opens, and pick the companies you want to visit before you go in. And also, it is easier to work your way from the back of the room to the front. The longest lines are by the door.

  • **** DICE - - Contract Opportunities. Lots and lots of them. It seems that there are a lot of recruiters who live in Florida, sipping margaritas, scanning for new openings on the internet, and then post these openings onto DICE. So you will see the same job posting with slightly different wording over and over. The job may already have been filled.

    My impression is that it is more effective to network with a few local recruiters you can meet, and to stay in touch with them until something comes up. The contract space seems more attuned to those who have resumes that contain a lot of hot buzzwords, and especialy software development types. But of the contract sites out there, DICE seems to be the best.

  • *** USENET News - Newsgroups are a worldwide text system that anyone can access through their internet service. There are specific job postings groups for localities and different areas of expertise. You can search these postings using software such as Microsoft Outlook Express. Because of the volume of messages, it really helps to use a search feature to keep up with the postings. Because there are a lot of recruiters using this system, be aware of the 'problems' with contract postings mentioned above.

  • ***** Flipdog - - This site is more user friendly than the rest, and it seems to have more real job postings than most other sites. It looks like they have a web-bot that trolls company sites for postings. This leads to postings with incorrect dates (maybe already filled) and locations. Be warned.

  • ***** - - This site is a simple interface that amalgamates information from many many other sources - including USENET newsgroups. I've found this one to be very useful. One of the frustrating things about most sites is that you are required to register. These folks do not require you to register or enter your resume before you can search the data, and they seem to have a web-bot that trawls company websites for openings. Some of the instructions looks like they were translated from Chinese!

  • **** Mojolin - - Their logo is "Hackers Wanted" - This site is designed to bring together the 'open source' community. There are a lot of specialized postings for Linux aware software engineers. There is a companion site for network engineers.

  • **** Exec-U-Net - - This is a structured networking group with a local chapter that meets at the Weston Country Club. It is designed to serve executive management, adn positions over $100K in salary. There is a membership fee that gets you access to it's database, and online job postings.

  • ***** A good paper resource is the book "The Professionals Job Finder", Planning/Communications. This book is an internet-aware directory of information sources for the job seeker. It includes some interesting information on strategy and where to look and an incredible resource to databases, trade associations, job hotlines.
    There are other verisons for Government, Non-Profit and International Job Seekers. Not easy to find in bookstores so check your local library!
  • Newspapers - The New York Times has a free email of the top stories of the day which I have found very helpful in the tech sector lately, as is the Technology section of the Boston Globe.

  • Ed's List - A wonderful local resource, providing an email list of upcoming networking events in the Boston area. This is posted to the MONDAYNETWORK Yahoo Group. You can also sign up at

  • Boston area NETWORKING EVENTS such as MIMC.


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